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Derek Hough Addresses Lauren Conrad Romance Rumors

Derek Huff can win the hearts of millions as a three-time champion of the Mirror Ball "Dancing with the Stars" but there seems to be a woman whose heart he is not defeated - Lauren Conrad "LC". 

Ricky Lake and Derek on "Dancing" trying to talk about his plans for the show on Monday is Ricky and transformation documented in Us Weekly, talk show host turned to another page of the magazine - one billion and an article about the rumored romance between Derek and LC. 

"What's wrong with that?" Ricky laughed. 

"I have not read those magazines," said Derek. 

"I think you guys will make a cute couple - if true," says Ricky. 

Kristin Davis Adopts A Baby Girl

In "Sex and the City" star has adopted a little girl - Gemma Rose Davis - his agent has confirmed to Hollywood News & Gossip on Friday. 

"This is something we wanted for a very long time," the actress said in a statement .. "Once you realize this desire even more enjoyable than you ever imagined. I feel blessed." 

Christine of "Satcom" character Charlotte York Goldenblatt really adopted her first child as well. The character and her husband Harry Goldenblatt adopted Lily from China made up doll. 

Davis's own daughter, Gemma Rose was adopted in the country.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner On ‘Reed Between The Lines’ & Its ‘Cosby Show’ Inspiration

Malcolm-Jamal Warner, and Tracee Ellis Ross teamed up with the happy couple's new BET comedy play, "Reed between the lines" and does not care about the approval of the beginning of the "Cosby Show comparisons." 

"How could we not want this?" The old "Girlfriends" star Tracee told Billy Bush for Access Hollywood Live on Friday and Kit Hoover, a romance like the Huxtables reeds have been proposed. 

"It's fun to be able to play a happily married couple. Drama, of course, family stuff and obstacles," said Malcolm-Jamal and Tracee new characters - Alex and Carla Reed. 

"It's good to really dig each other a few will be able to play. A sort of Cliff and Claire, I think," he continued. "Cliff really knows how to hit his wife, and loved it, so a kind of reminds." 

Tracee said, and Malcolm-Jamal had a great chemistry between the two characters. 

"Magic was. God will provide this kind of cooperation," said Billy and Kit.

Rosie O'Donell Has New Girlfriend

Rosie O'Donell new talk show, a new Chicago home and now a new woman in his life. His girlfriend Michelle Rounds. Rosie and her friend at the New York Marriott Marquis Building Dreams for Kids Gala was last night, their red carpet debut. Sources familiar with the two is really a coffee shop, he said.

They met with Starbucks in a few months ago. They are cute together and seem to be happy. Rosie and his latest girlfriend, Tracy, more than a year after dating each other, breaking up in February 2011 was sent to.

Chicago and its new leadership, sources talk show host for more than two million dollars to the price of the contract that the city's Lakeview area, to get a house, said last week.
He's the new Oprah Winfrey Network, 10 October, "The Rosie Show" premiered. Rosie is a little nervous and excited at the same time. He has worked in everything from Oprah and talk about having his own network show started at the beginning of this year.

UK Report Calls For Movies Featuring Smoking To Be Adults-Only

There is good reason for the lighting to be a symbol of the Tobacco Control Research UK Centre on smoking in all films, should be rated Adults Only in the UK. But the British film censor, David Cooke said that no public support. Smoke described in prisons, and that difference of opinion in recent years, from 2001-05, where some of the best American films of 5000 Great Britain 15-year-old children questioned in custody, the Bristol University study published in the heels, income. Researchers in these films, the exposure of children and teenagers less than half of the tobacco addiction, or are rated UK15. "Movies are still the main driver of smoking in children and irresponsible, incompetent regulators and politicians to the actions of this insouciant abjectly failed to control the uptake of smoking among the youth of that," study co-authors, John Britton and Alison Lyons wrote.

Robert Pattinson said the report, and no reason for Avatar characters, rated 12A in the UK as the most vivid example I remember. Avatar, Sigourney Weaver in another planet, and barking in his sleep pod development, the future is set 143 years, "he is my fucking cigarettes?" A film aimed at teenage girls and smokes for Pattinson.

According to the medical journal Chest, teenagers who watch actors smoking in movies are more and more. However, smoking lobby in the United States Forest Service, a smoke-free world, to create a movie-year-old children and reclassification, said: "patronage". Although the link between smoking and movies Bruce Willis has a Hollywood star. "I thought I looked cool, because the child does not want to feel responsible for trying to look cool." He is John McClane in Die Hard 4 to be smoking.